Stir Fri was hung over all morning. I'd returned from bar and grill early last night, and was had been woken up by voices in the middle of the night. I didn't wake up fully, but could discern that the guys we were playing pool with had walked him back down the dock to Colancer. I'd taken one of them for a tour of the boat earlier in the evening when I'd come down to check on my boys.


I spent the morning working on updating web pages and writing in our logs. Some time was spenting reading other logs on 7knots.com, mostly from Geoff Schultz and Chuck Baier. It's a small world with cruising boats. I wonder if Geoff saw Aquarius anchored out in Portsmouth this July ? I'll get in touch with Chuck Real Soon Now. Maybe he'll let me tour Blue Jacket, even though we've already purchased our new boat down here.


Saturday afternoon brought a steady rain and many loud power boats invading the marina. It seems they do a regular poker run around Galveston Bay, stopping for lunch here at the Tiki Bar and Grill.


I let Nicolai and Peter play Xbox all day again. They've had an unsettled life these past months, and they need to have time to just relax and settle in to Colancer as their new home.


Jaima stopped by the boat before leaving for work this evening, and invited us to join them at the church they've been attending. I've been to church once in the past ten years, but had already wanted to attend and give thanks for the gift of Colancer. I feel strongly that this boat is a gift to my family from God.


I didn't have anything to grill up for dinner, and felt like relaxing, so I let the boys order pizza delivery again. We all watched a movie before turning in early, before 2300...


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