We finaly got a camp stove out and working to make hot breakfast of corned beef hash and eggs.


We all changed into what clean clothes we could find for church. Jaima had tried to draw us a map on the back of a church program, but I looked up the address on Google Maps. It was a good half hour drive, out into the Texas country side.


I met Pastor Bill as well as John, one of the elders. Both gave us a very warm welcome as I introduced my boys to them. John came to get me a few minutes after I sat down with the boys, to join him in the blessing of the minister before the service. I was very honored to be invited to join the elders in this blessing.


There were no bibles to be seen in the church, and I asked John if there might be one I could borrow. John walked over to his chair and handed me his own to borrow for the service. Again, I was very honored by this man.


Nicolai left us to attend a seperate service for children. Peter fell asleep during the service. Stir Fri left the room for a while for some private ministry with church elders. I was not particularly moved by the service itself, but I did kneel and pray at the alter. I gave thanks for our new boat, our new home, Colancer. I cried tears of joy, to the point that John came and asked me if I was OK. My big smile with the tears was answer enough for him.


We were invited to stay after the service and share in a Texas Potatoe BBQ. Baked potatoes here are a full meal, complete with Texas BBQ beef brisquet. We were all stuffed full.


Rain had been falling all morning, and I was worried that Stir Fri had left his hatch open, and would have a soaked bunk when we returned. Although the rain had continued through our drive home, as we aproached the marina the streets were dry. It had rained all over the region, except on our boat.


We drove over to the boat yard where Venture is stored, and transfered most of the boxes and gear we'd packed in there into the van. We also made a family trip to the local grocery store for some stocking up.


Dinner was ribs on the deck grill. The boys called their mom in the Poconos, while answered emails from my ex-wife, Susan, yacht broker, Mike, and my oldest son, Eugene Jr.


We all watched Pirates of the Caribean before turning in at 2200.


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