I woke up at dawn, having had a sound sleep. I had back ache over the past few nights, and I had not slept well.


We had hooked up a TV antenae yesterday, and I turned on the morning news. I was reminded that this is the aniversary of 9/11. I try to forget. Prior to that event I was one of those comuters who passed through the World Trade Center every morning at 9am, on my way to the office. I tried to hang in with all of the other New Yorkers afterwards, but the event made me re-evaluate my life. In the weeks afterward I worked with a client at 52nd and 5th, a block away from St Pats, as well as Rock Center. I attended mass funerals for police officers and firefighters who died at the World Trade Center, week after week. There was the evacuation for the Rockefeller Center anthrax incident. I had to wonder if there might be an evening when I wasn't going to get to ride the train home to his boys ever again. It was four months later that I went out and bought Aquarius, and put the mansion in Plainfield, NJ up for sale.


We enjoyed a blue sky morning before rain started to move in at lunch time. I spent the morning writing, while the boys read.


Stir Fri cleaned out the forward starboard cabin so that we could build a bunk for Nicolai in there. It had been used by the previous owners as a walk in closet. Peter will continue to sleep in the salon.


We went out shopping to Lowes and Wal Mart, buying a sheet of verneer plywood for the bunk. Nicolai helped as I cut the wood on the dock and Stir Fri installed it into the cabin with him. It's a small cabin, but it's a private space for Nicolai.


We've got our trained fish here in the marina. We throw our scraps in the water, and there are some very big fish that nail them quickly. I managed not to burn the chicken for dinner this time, and the fish had to go a bit hungry tonight.


We watched SWAT, the movie, and went to bed.


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