I woke up at 0230 with aches all over my back. I tossed and turned for a while before getting up and turning on the laptop computer in our nav station. I worked untill 0530 before returning to my bunk. The boys and Stir Fri got up early, about 0700. I crawled out at 0800 and looked at maps to find Harbor Freight and West Marine before heading out for the day. Nicolai and Peter did school work while Stir Fri cleaned up breakfast dishes and the cabin, while I worked on log entries and read entries on 7knots.com. Stir Fri stayed aboard while the boys and I drove off to visit Harbor Freight and West Marine. Insurance, closing - Mike. Grocery shopping. FAX to office. Wrote back to Capt Rita. Dinner on old grill, salad, steaks, potatoes. Up 'till 0200, Stir Fri wants to go home.


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